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Find Out The Best SSL Certificate Providers 2016

Best SSL Certificate Provider Reviews.

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Globalsign SSL Certificate Reviews

Founded in 1996, GlobalSign is one of the US based companies that provides a range of SSL Certificates and value-add features to ensure that client websites are protected from attackers. The award-winning certificate provider offers Single website SSL certificate... read more

A Review of GeoTrust SSL Certificates

GeoTrust is one of the largest names in the SSL certificate business, the second largest in the world to be exact. Many sites use GeoTrust. Their site states they service over 100,000 customers in over 150 countries. What They Offer: GeoTrust offers a wide range of... read more

NameCheap SSL Certificate Reviews

What is SSL? An SSL, Secure Sockets Layer, is an encrypted link utilized between the manager of a website and its customer. It is utilized primarily for securing credit card transactions and personal information passed through the internet; however, it has become a... read more

Entrust SSL Certificate Reviews

Apart from being of significant importance for more conversions and sales, the ability to provide consumers with security is a good indication of a trustworthy company. Although going exclusively with trusted companies known to provide quality products that can help... read more

Comodo SSL Certificate Review

Comodo Group is a private company that provides computer software and a wide range of SSL Certificates. Founded in 1998, it has built a strong reputation in the computer security industry because of the products it offers. However, on the web, it is known for its neat... read more

Symantec SSL Certificate Reviews

When it comes to SSL certificates for the Internet, Verisign was the premier name in the business for almost two decades. Then in 2010, Symantec swooped in and bought their security unit for over $1 billion. The idea at the time was that when you combine the strongest... read more

Thawte SSL Certificate Reviews

Mark Shuttleworth established Thawte, an SSL provider based in South Africa, while working from his parents’ garage back in 1995. The company is renowned for pioneering the provision of online security certificates outside the USA. It is currently one of the largest... read more

Godaddy SSL Certificate Reviews

Also known as a secure sockets layer, an SSL certificate offers a high level of security for communication and the transfer of information over a network. This type of security is normally implemented by websites that process payments or accept information that needs... read more