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Comodo Group is a private company that provides computer software and a wide range of SSL Certificates. Founded in 1998, it has built a strong reputation in the computer security industry because of the products it offers. However, on the web, it is known for its neat array of SSL certificates that it offers for nearly all kinds of needs. Among them are:

  • comodo-ssl-certificate-review-logoFree Certificate
  • Essential Certificate
  • Instant SSL
  • Instant SSL Pro
  • Instant SSL Premium
  • UC Certificates
  • Comodo Multi-Domain Certificate
  • Premium SSL Wildcard
  • EV Certificates
  • EV Multi-Domain Certificate

Though not all these certificates are equal, they do have common advantages and disadvantages when stacked against SSLs from competitors.


They are Relatively Affordable

Comodo is well known for offering some of the most affordable SSL certificates on the web. Their most basic package, the essential certificate, merely costs $63.95 per year. This is low considering that GoDaddy charges $69.99 per year for the same package while others like Thawte, GeoTrust, and Symantec begin from $149, $149, and $399 respectively. On the other hand, Comodo’s most expensive SSL certificate, the EV Multi-Domain certificate costs $809.10 per year. This is lower than Symantec’s cost which is $1999 per year.

Used on Most Websites

A 2014 report shows that Comodo held a larger SSL certificate market share of 33.9 percent. This shows that most webmasters trust the SSL provider for offering quality SSL solutions. Of the 33.9 percent market share, Comodo still boasted a larger absolute usage percentage of 9.9 percent compared to Symantec which came in second at 5.1 percent.

Fast Online Validation

comodo-ssl-certificate-review-2Comodo’s process for getting most of the listed SSL certificates typically takes anywhere between mere seconds to two days. The only exception is with all their EV packages which might take 5-10 days. However, based on what some customers had to say, this period can be much shorter if a customer provides all the required documents.

Comes with Plenty of Freebies

Besides offering affordable SSLs much faster than other competitors, Comodo’s SSL certificates come with free offers. These include things like the free 1 year PCI scanning and a free 1-year vulnerability scan for your website. For other SSL providers, getting these freebies with standard SSL packages is very difficult. In addition to this, Comodo also offers free trials for single domains.

Offers a Money Back Guarantee

If you are not pleased with what Comodo has to offer you with any of their SSL certificates, the company offers you 30 risk free days to get a refund. You can thus shop with all the confidence without worrying about whether the SSL you chose was ideal for you.


Sluggish Customer Support

customer-supportSome customers have complained about sluggishness from the customer support team. This was especially common among customers who found the interface a bit confusing. With customer service like this, customers can expect long verification periods for EV SSL certificates. In one instance, a customer even noted that the company’s tech support might not be in the U.S. in the first place. Others reiterated this claim by insisting that the customer support did not seem to fully understand the customers in the first place. It is therefore difficult for a customer to know if he/she will have a good experience with the SSL provider.

All in all, however, Comodo remains among the top SSL providers on the web because of offering customers with affordable SSL options which are validated in a short period. Additionally, they offer more freebies than any other SSL provider, and this could explain why they hold a large market share in the SSL space.