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The Reviews at DigiCert SSL Certificates

DigiCert is a Certificate Authority based in the US. It was started in 2003 and offers SSL management tools and SSL Certificates. DigiCert SSL certificate reviews assist you to know whether DigiCert is the appropriate place when purchasing SSL Certificates. Those who have bought or used DigiCert SSL Certificates usually write and share their reviews about the Certificate Authority and whether they found it useful or not. The following are the SSL Certificates offered by DigiCert:

  • SSL Plus
  • Wildcard Plus
  • EV Certificate
  • Multi-Domain
  • Code signing
  • EV Multi-Domain

The Reviews at DigiCert SSL Certificates 2A user who used the EV Multi-Domain product said that it was a “sigh of relief” working with DigiCert. He rated the product as having excellent support with a very smooth interface and an issuance speed of less than one hour. The user added that he got an outstanding service and that the company was willing to walk him through the whole process of purchasing and certification. He said that the extra money was worth it when compared to other sites.

A DigiCert user named Dave stated that the Certificate Authority was an excellent company. He stated that the interface was a bit confusing although the support offered by the company was good. Dave said that the issuance speed was less than one hour. He added that he had problems getting to know the server jargon initially. The company explained everything about it over the phone and through the email. The response was amazingly quick. He added that the staff at DigiCert was fast and efficient and that he would come back for other services at the company. He stated that other SSL Certificate companies should emulate the efficiency of DigiCert.

Another user who used the Unified Communications product said that it was a bit confusing to use the product and that DigiCert should try and make some steps simple. The user stated that the support he got from the company’s staff was excellent and the issuance speed was after several hours. He added that the company would email him and keep him posted on every change every time he faced an obstacle. The user said that all documents were reviewed by DigiCert as soon as possible. He concluded that he received an excellent service from the company.

The Reviews at DigiCert SSL CertificatesAn organization known as ADVANTESCO also used the wildcard Plus product from DigiCert and gave their overall rating. They stated that the support they got was excellent and that the interface was very easy. They said that they had tried other SSL Vendors severally before finally trying DigiCert. They were happy to have found DigiCert. They were looking forward to working with them in the future. They finally congratulated the DigiCert Team for their excellent work.

Lukas is a user of EV Multi-Domain from DigiCert. He gave out his views about the company and stated that he was able to quickly manage certificates all by himself after the incredible support he got from DigiCert despite the fact that he was a newbie in SSL. He stated that the interface was very easy and that the issuance speed was immediate. He said that the documentation from the company was excellent. He added that he was impressed that DigiCert had made SSL certification very easy for newbies.

DigiCert has been able to get excellent reviews from its users compared to other firms that offer SSL certificates. This has enabled it to become the go-to company for those seeking SSL Certificates. Those who have purchased SSL Certificates from the company state that they will come back for more deals with the enterprise.