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Apart from being of significant importance for more conversions and sales, the ability to provide consumers with security is a good indication of a trustworthy company. Although going exclusively with trusted companies known to provide quality products that can help you to give your customers the best protection is important, several companies are offering SSL Certificates today.

Entrust Cloud

entrust-ssl-certificate-reviewsThe cloud-based, automated certificate management service provided by Entrust is capable of finding, managing, provisioning, reissuing and revoking the digital certificates of websites. These certificates are important when it comes to implementing an entirely multi-layered, identity-based security environment that is key to securing applications, verifying devices, authenticating identities, and protecting websites.

Entrust offers a centralized and cloud-based certificate management platform, which helps to simplify specific functions while providing an easy-to-use management solution without necessitating the download or installation of any software whatsoever. The features included are a quick and easy online reissue process, online help and documentation, certificate revocation tools, audit and reporting tools, multi-level expiry notifications, and much more.


Entrust offers several SSL Certificate subscriptions, and each is uniquely featured to suit different business needs. However, every single one provides both 256-bit and 128-bit encryption with a 2048-bit SSL Certificate as well as access to Entrust Cloud and 99.9% browser compatibility. Below is a detailed comparison of the different plans to help you choose which would suit you best.


Standard: With organization validation for use with a single domain and no additional SANS, this type is suitable when you require basic SSL/TLS security. This type is available in subscription plans of one, two, and three years.

Advantage: With features similar to the Standard plan as well as the addition of one SANS and elliptic curve cryptography, this type is suitable when you need SSL/TLS security for one additional domain. This type is available in subscription plans of one, two, and three years.

UC Multi-Domain: This type is applicable when you require SSL/TLS security for multiple domains hosted on a Lync or Exchange server. As much as it has the same features as the Advantage plan, you can add up to three 250 SANS at $49 each. This type is available in subscription plans of one, two, and three years.

EV Multi-Domain: Compared to the other Entrust Certificates, this type provides the highest level of assurance. Apart from turning the browser address display green and the addition of an improved website security package, most of the other features are the same as those of the UC Multi-Domain plan. This type is available in subscription plans of one and two years.

Wildcard: Since this type offers up to 250 additional regular or wildcard SANS and ten sub-domains for free, it is suitable for securing multiple first level sub-domains. This type is available in subscription plans of one, two, and three years.

Private: While this type does not feature the Entrust site seal, it is suitable for SSL/TLS security for domain names that are not fully qualified when it comes to internal servers. Besides, you can only obtain its cost by contacting the company.

Customer Support

support-2Entrust provides customer support through live chat, telephone hotline, and emails. While you can reach the email support by sending a direct email or through an online form, the toll-free phone lines remain open from 8 am to 8 pm EST on weekdays. Entrust also offers connection through social media sites like LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Google+, and YouTube. Users can also access a knowledgebase that contains user guides and helpful articles.


  • Provides both 128-bit and 256-bit encryption
  • Features 2048-bit SSL certificates that are compliant with US Government standards
  • Availability of various SSL Certificate options to meet different business and individual needs
  • Compatible with 99.9% of mobile device and desktop browsers
  • A brand recognition that promotes the feeling of safety


  • Low assurance domain validation
  • No free trial period


As a globally recognized SSL Certificate provider, Entrust gives your site instant identification with their Site Seal, which means your customers are assured of the fact that their transactions and information remain protected. In addition, the variety of subscriptions offered caters for various security and financial requirement.