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Founded in 1996, GlobalSign is one of the US based companies that provides a range of SSL Certificates and value-add features to ensure that client websites are protected from attackers. The award-winning certificate provider offers Single website SSL certificate (Domain SSL, Organization SSL, and Extended SSL), Multiple website SSL certificates (Domain SSL, Organization SSL, and Extended SSL), and Unlimited Subdomains (Domain SSL and Organization SSL) or Wildcard SSL.

Globalsign SSL CertificateA Domain SSL certificate is good for blogs, e-commerce, webmail, and logins. The Organization SSL Certificate is good for legitimate company websites and businesses- it provides instant corporate identity on the browser. The Extended SSL is the highest standard of SSL certificates: It allows your organization name to be visible in the browser interface and highlights the address bar in green. If you wish to secure an unlimited number of subdomains on a single certificate, then you should go for the Wildcard SSL Certificate.

The global Certificate Authority provides SSL certificate (online web security) products to many enterprises, SMBs, banking and financial institutions, and large organizations. Their aim is to establish trust in websites by using strong encryption. This Globalsign SSL review summary should help you decide whether this company is the right place for you to purchase SSL certificates or not.


  • Globalsign SSL Certificate 3The company offers fast & economical SSL certificates – you can use one certificate on many servers
  • It has partnered with other companies to improve website security by providing supreme phishing protection
  • They offer quality SSL certificates with strong encryption, which is backed by reliable security devices
  • It uses numerous automated methods
  • SSL certificates can boost Google ranking by improving website page load acceleration
  • SS certificates increases trust in websites leading to high conversion rates
  • The company serves big companies like BBC and Yahoo.
  • Easy to understand and provide confidence to clients and visitors
  • Easy to renew and purchase SSL certificates (1-5 days)
  • It minimizes time needed for SSL handshakes


  • Support team is slow in fixing issues
  • The refund warranty is only 7 days.

Possible complaints

On 7 April 2007, a client Dj Baum published a complaint that was titled “SSL certificate never received!” The person ordered an SSL certificate via their website, but the company did not comply. The client sent four emails and made five phone calls to the company, but there was no response.

Report briefing

In the year 2016, big and small websites had their HTTPS certificates incorrectly scrapped, which ended up reducing the trust earned from customers. It appears that they were updating their systems when this problem occurred. They wanted to remove some links but ended up revoking a cross-certificate linked to two root SSL certificate in their OCSP database. This affected all the downstream certificates, and most website owners received certificate revocation/errors messages. It took up to a week to resolve the issue.

Globalsign SSL Certificate 2

In the year 2011, a hacker claimed to have breached their systems and issued bogus certificates. The company admitted that they experienced a web server attack, but there was no evidence for the, compromised certificates, exposed customer data or rogue certificates being issued. They stopped issuing SSL certificates until they had investigated the claim.

The Globalsign SSL Certificate review shows that the CA has affordable packages and can be trusted. It appears that the Globalsign SSL Certificate has more advantages than disadvantages. It has numerous packages to suit various web security needs. Their SSL certificates can improve visitor and customer trust, which in the end boosts SEO website ranking. Most of the issues were reported years ago, suggesting that the company has upgraded its security systems.