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Also known as a secure sockets layer, an SSL certificate offers a high level of security for communication and the transfer of information over a network. This type of security is normally implemented by websites that process payments or accept information that needs to be secure at all times.

Godaddy SSL Certificates

godaddy-sslGodaddy is one of the most well-known provider of SSL certificates to website designers and business owners. They offer various levels of certificates that are geared towards different consumers.

Basic SSL Certificates

This level of SSL is the most common among website owners that are registered with Godaddy. The three levels include:

Godaddy states that each SSL certification level boosts the website’s ranking with Google and comes with 24/7 customer support.

  • Single Site Protection – Used by small businesses and freelancers
  • Multiple Site Protection – This is geared towards web designers and developers with multiple clients
  • The Wildcard SSL – Offers protection for all domains and subdomains

Extended Validation Certificates

godaddyThis type of certification is more difficult to get. Godaddy implements a strict vetting process that ensures only the highest quality of websites receive an EVC.

Customers often purchase this certificate to help make their customers feel more secure when shopping at their website. Godaddy charges a higher annual payment for an EVC, regardless of the type of customer.

Organizational Validation Certificates

This type of SSL certificate is used by major organizations, including educational institutions, large corporations, and non-profits. Browsers trust this type of validation because it displays a green padlock in the browser bar at all times. This option is great for businesses who accept large payments, donations, or sell a significant amount of merchandise.

The Pros of Obtaining a Godaddy SSL Certificate

godaddy-ssl-certificate-reviews-1As one of the largest and most well known web domain and hosting companies in the world, Godaddy can be trusted as a source for SSL certificates.

Godaddy also offers exceptional customer support and has been known to be flexible when dealing with customer billing issues.

The Cons of Obtaining a Godaddy SSL Certificate

One of the downsides of using Godaddy for an SSL certificate is the price they charge for the securing a website. Many of their products cost upwards of $200 per year, while other reputable companies offer SSL at extremely reduced rates or, in some cases, free of charge.

Other issues that customers have complained about are related to the actual selling of the product. Many Godaddy employees are under pressure to cross sell as much as possible, which is a turn off for some business owners.