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What is SSL?

An SSL, Secure Sockets Layer, is an encrypted link utilized between the manager of a website and its customer. It is utilized primarily for securing credit card transactions and personal information passed through the internet; however, it has become a popular cybersecurity option for a growing number of social media to protect their consumers from trolling accounts.


namecheapNameCheap is a webhosting site that offers SSL Certification. Based out of Los Angeles and in business since 2002, consumers of NameCheap can establish a domain name, receive hosting services for that domain, and secure it with SSL, all in one location. With pricing starting at $3.98 per month for services, it is one of the more economical options on the market.


There are many benefits to utilizing NameCheap for its SSL services. Among them are:

  • Web hosting services offered.
  • Domain name services offered.
  • Domain name validation.
  • Organization validation.
  • Sales validation.
  • Multiple packages within domain name validation and organization validation from which to choose.
  • Yearly and monthly rates for packages.
  • 24-hour customer service.
  • $10,000 Warranty on domain name validation services.
  • $50,000 to $250,000 warranty offered on organization validation services.
  • $1,750,000 warranty offered on sales validation services.
  • 15-Day money back guaranteed refund offered on all validation services.



  • ssl3Only yearly prices offered for sales validation services.
  • 15-Day money back guaranteed is a short timeframe for refund in the SSL services business.
  • No longer term test trial available.
  • Warranty amounts set without negotiation with clients.
  • Customer Service for SSL is the same Customer Service serving the domain name and web hosting clients, making it difficult, at times, to get through to a Customer Service Agent.


Reviews for NameCheap are a mixed bag of both good and bad. There doesn’t appear to be much middle ground with the reviews found on the web. Either their clients hate them and leave or they love them and remain forever, judging from the content.

sslFor instance, one client reviewed NameCheap on claiming, “NameCheap has been outstanding for me! I was looking for different hosting providers but when I looked at NameCheap I bought it with coupon. They have brilliant live support and once also fixed my site. My site is never down and server response time is great. NameCheap just simply rocks! I was recommended to use NameCheap and I recommend to use NameCheap.” The same reviewer does on, later on the site, to claim NameCheap’s SSL serves are “as exemplary as their hosting services.”

On the flipside, a former NameCheap client gave them one-star with the following explanation: “Terrible support. When I bought NameCheap services, I purchased certain accessories for one month without an auto renew. The subscription expired and I had no access to my emails, files, calendar, etc. Clients were contacting me and I was losing potential business. I spent literally days on live chat with NameCheap, paid them more money to re-activate the subscription, but after 3 whole days, nothing had been done, even after taking my money.”

Despite the bad reviews, similar to the one found above, NameCheap’s SSL Services were rated amongst the top ten on the internet.