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When it comes to SSL certificates for the Internet, Verisign was the premier name in the business for almost two decades. Then in 2010, Symantec swooped in and bought their security unit for over $1 billion.

symantec-ssl-certificateThe idea at the time was that when you combine the strongest SSL certificates with the best corporate website security, you end up with a package that is hard for companies to ignore.

6 years later, the market has changed quite a bit, with a certain level of site security being offered free by a signing authority that allows small businesses to meet browser security requirements. Symantec’s response has been to promote some of the technology that came along with the sale to differentiate their product. Here are some of the pros and cons of using a Symantec security on your site:


Buying the biggest name in SSL certificate security certainly means that your firm will take a large leap forward in that line of business. One example of this is the ECC technology that is the best in the industry at strengthening the encryption of the certificate. Proprietary to Symantec, it can make your sight more secure because no one else has the same technology and therefore they don’t know much about the details.

symantec-ssl-certificate-2Another area where Symantec is strong is that they are able to combine their malware scanning expertise with each certificate that they sell, giving their customers the capability of scanning their own website to ensure that it is free from threats. When you add that to an SSL certificate that has a high-level of security, it is a compelling option for many smaller businesses that do not have the type of budget that an enterprise firm might.

If you offer ecommerce on your website, the Symantec option is even better because along with the site scanning and certificate security, you get a logo that you can put on your ecommerce site to show that your website is protected by Norton Security. In most cases, the addition of a logo gives customers a more positive feeling about the security present on the site.


ssl-7Climbing to the top of the market by becoming the unquestioned technology leader was a smart move by Symantec. Other SSL vendors have felt some pain while the market shrinks because people are taking advantage of free certificates. With that in mind, if your company is only interested in created a secure connection for your customers, it is actually much less expensive for you to use a signing authority that issues free certificates.

Another potential problem with Symantec certificates is that the subscription price can be a little bit higher than the competition. The reason is that they are a better product from a technology standpoint. If you just need the same level of encryption for a site certificate, shopping around at other SSL certificate sites will likely offer you some less expensive options.

Buying an SSL certificate has become important for most companies that are online. Symantec has a market leading offering that will out-perform most of the other vendors offering SSL protection. If you have the budget that you need to purchase one, it will be worth your while.